Inequalities and resistance in Putin’s Russia” (interview with Alexander Bikbov by Asia Leofreddi), Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa, 15/11/2022

(versione italiana “Disuguaglianze e resistenza nella Russia di Putin“)


Dual sided population management in Russia and how the war boosts social inequalities. From regional and ethnic breaks to antiwar migration and psychotropic drugs.

The neo-mercantilist character of the current Russian regime fits problematically the neo-liberal rationality. The capitalism is still there, although back to its more archaic form.

An overly simplifying geopolitical reading (NATO vs Russia) blocks the view of the relational structures in Russia causing the war.

Three major forms of anti-war resistance in Russia, a concise list of tactics, from silently taken medical certificates to Molotov cocktails against enlistment offices.

European sensibility, individual assistance and the need for associative structures to process the trauma of the perpetrator society.

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